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  1. Hey Maaike! It’s Marie, the girl that was on the bike trip last week in Munich (the traveler from the US you gave one of your cards to)! I thought I would look you up on your website! I love it! Your travels and similar interest of traveling the world has inspired me and I wanted to keep in touch! I just read your new Orleans post and I had to click on it because that too is my favorite city in the US. I go there every year and your experience is SO accurate! 🙂 I’m actually already planning a next back packing trip as well and I have been thinking a lot lately about starting a travel blog. Anyway,I just thought I would say hi and I would love to keep in touch!! Hope you are doing well! 🙂


    • Hi Marie, great to hear from you! Thanks for your lovely words and if you need any travel recommendations, you know where to find me! Let me know what your travel blog is going to be, I would love to read that! It’s a great way to have all your memories written down somewhere. All the best, Maaike

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  3. I would like to purchase it from you, if possible. I think it is the most detailed hat I have seen. I am making a Harry Potter trunk for my granddaughter with all kinds of stuff inside (mini potions, mini quidditch set, etc., and would love to make her a sorting hat. Thanks. Judy

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