Breast Cancer Awareness: Alexandra’s story

Since it is October, also known as Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I would like to share the story of my friend Alexandra from Sweden: ~ I started feeling something lumpy in my left breast around the time I stopped breastfeeding, so I guess I did not seriously believe it was cancer, but my mind was not […]

Successful – what does it really mean?

As you know, I’m all about following your dreams, live the life you want. This article I found on MindBodyGreen is exactly about that. Because what means being successful actually? Article written by Mike Iamele Ever since Arianna Huffington’s eye-opening book ‘Thrive’ was released, the country has been abuzz, trying to redefine our burnout-promoting, corporate-climbing […]

How do you measure a life?

Usually people just browse around on Facebook aimlessly, seeing some photo’s, reading some statuses, liking this here, commenting on that there. But if you pay attention, you may discover what amazing gems your friends write. Like this beautiful poem by my friend Adi Vimal. —————————————————– How do you measure a life? How do you measure […]