How to get a bikini body!

IMG_18581071438450‘The new celebrity diet everybody is raving about’ ‘Exercize to a flat tummy and curvy bum’ ‘Best food against cellulite’ ‘How to detox to a skinny you’ ‘New ways to lose 5, 10 or 20 lbs (or kgs, depending on where you live)’ ‘Eat all you want, sit on the couch, and still lose weight’ ‘Overly fried but very healthy snacks that help you get the booty of a super model’
Sounds familiar? Yes, that’s what you see on the covers of a lot of magazines around the world as soon as spring comes around the corner (okay, I made up the last few, but you get my point…) And you know what? I find them insulting! Why is a magazine telling me I should diet? That I’m fat? That I have cellulite (like about 90% of the population, but that’s no reason to call me out for it…)? That my bum is flat and my tummy curvy?

IMG_18555468274813So many magazines and adverts are calling you out on your so-called flaws. Your skin is not perfect enough, go use our cream. 
You should lose weight, go use our product. You really should have plastic surgery, go to our clinic. Well, you know what: why should we all be perfect? And actually, why aren’t we? Aren’t we perfectly imperfect, just as we are?

Sexy screen siren Sophia Loren said it beautifully: ‘Beauty is how you feel inside, and it reflects in your eyes. It’s not something physical‘ And also: ‘Sex appeal is fifty percent what you’ve got, and fifty percent what people think you’ve got

I have to admit, I still judge other women… I guess that’s just what we women do. But also immediately after that first judgement, I think: ‘No, hold that thought, she is also beautiful. Maybe she’s skinnier than me, has more sexy curves than me, is taller, bigger, petite-er, smaller, more tanned, less tanned than me, but she is also beautiful.’ It’s a learning curve, also for me.

So, how do you get that bikini body if what the media says is all just insulting? Just the other day I found a way better, and more motivating, graphic of how to get a bikini body:

bikini body

Just some DO’s with your bikini body:
* Wear a bikini, or a one piece bathing suit, or a tankini (you know, the bikini with the more-covering top). Just wear whatever form of swim suit you like and feel comfortable and sexy in.
* Put on sun screen with the right SPF for you (I try to always put on SPF30 when I’m outdoors in the summer, sometimes even SPF50), your skin will thank you many times later on in life.
* Wear a hat or other head wear (ever burnt your scalp? Yeah, ouchie!).
* Put some cute sun glasses on your nose to prevent your eyes from squinting and sun damage.
* Throw on a sarong or cute wrap dress if it makes you feel more comfortable.
* Feel confident in your body (you only have one, it’s yours for life), exercize within your limits and eat healthy, but enjoy life most of all.
* Eat some delicious ice cream, you deserve it!
* Be comfortable and feel sexy, because you are!
* Read this article many times over, until you are convinced your bikini body is as good as anyone else’s out there! And share this article with your friends: spread the love!

PS this article works just as well for men as for women. Wherever you read bikini, just read swim shorts. Or bikini, whatever makes you feel more comfortable! 😉

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