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Sometimes a friendly face can change your day. A while back I saw a commercial in New Zealand (from a bank or service company, I believe) using this poem and it made me smile:

A smile is contagious,
It’s passed from me to you.
As soon as one is witnessed,
It’s so hard not to do.

To be party to a smile,
Is privilege indeed,
A smile can make things better.
It’s sometimes all you need.

So valuable a smile,
You’ll find out that it’s true.
That if you smile at everyone,
Your smile comes back to you.

And just to make you smile even more and start a true smile-epidemic, read this one too:

Smiling is contagious,
you catch it like the flu,
When someone smiled at
me today, I started smiling too.
I passed around the corner,
and someone saw my grin –
When he smiled I realized,
I’d passed it on to him.

I thought about that smile,
then I realized its worth,
A single smile, just like mine,
could travel round the earth.
So, if you feel a smile begin,
don’t leave it undetected –
Let’s start an epidemic quick
and get the world infected!!!


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