Don’t be too quick to judge

Don't judge people

I wrote in one of my early posts about the Facebook page Humans of New York, about an amazing story that raised more than enough money for an adoption. Regularly I see posts from this page coming past on my Facebook-newsfeed, telling cute stories (like how a couple stayed in touch while the guy was in training camp for the navy: he wrote her letters, with Muppet-quotes and he drew animals saying I love you), funny pictures (like a dog wearing a costume and his man-friend telling the dog has many traditional Mexican outfits), but also sad stories (like a man sitting in the cold, telling the photographer how he travels from Philly to New York, stays there for 4 days to work to provide for his family, and has no place to sleep other than public places where he can take a nap…). It are especially those last stories that make me think how fortunate we can be sometimes compared to the person sitting next to us without us even realizing it.

The person smelling a bit funny, or looking a bit frumpy, can be worried about how to pay for the rent or food, because they just lost their job. Or even when they have a job, wonder if they can ever put their kids through a proper education, because there is only just enough money to make ends meet as is right now. They can be fighting or have fought a terrible illness and lost a lot more than just their health.

It is important to not judge a person based on looks, because you don’t know what they are, or have been going through. I am not saying that your judgement is not correct, I’m just saying that it’s not right to judge. Because who are you to do so? There is always a story behind somebody’s sad eyes, scruffy looks, or sometimes even behind a seemingly perfect appearance. Don’t judge that somebody has it ‘way better than you’, because you don’t know the struggles they have to go through. And it is a good idea to count your blessings, always, because most of the time you are way better off than a lot of people in this world.


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