Presents? This is a triple win!

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Every time somebody asks you what you want as a present for your Birthday, Anniversary, Christmas, and you think: ‘I have no friggin clue!?!’ Then you’re just like me…

When I need something new, I usually want something specific, so it’s not easy to explain to somebody else what I want to have. ‘I would like to have a new wallet, but not a certain brand. I want it to be leather, brown, but not dark or light brown, it has to be the perfect shade of used brown. But not like old and weary, just the right amount of used and with tiny cracks. Or else the same kind of used leather, but then in that dark-but-light-faded blue. And it has to have the right amount of pockets for my bankcards, and membership cards, and a little coin holder with a zip. And it shouldn’t be too big so I can still put it in my jacket pocket, but also not too small so I can’t find it in my bag anymore…’ Yeah… so I’ll get a gift certificate. ‘I couldn’t find what you wanted, so here is a piece of paper or little card with an amount on it, go buy it yourself.’ And I don’t really feel like ending up with all gift certificates that expire because I usually forget to use them…

Are you like this too? Or do you have to get a gift for somebody who has everything already? Like moms, dads, or friends who always already buy the latest of the latest and have no giftwishes? It may be an idea to go to a charity website like the Inspired Gifts from Unicef or Unwrapped from Oxfam etc. (just google the name of your favorite charity organization, or the fave of the birthday girl or guy, with the word ‘gifts’) and see what presents they have. They usually sell gifts that go to third world countries, like vaccines, blankets, bicycles, pencils. The receiver will receive a card or e-mail, telling them what their gift is. Another option is to buy something of which the proceeds are going to charity, like a little bracelet or a charm. Provided that the person has a feel for doing good and charity, I’m sure they will love the present.

I personally see it as a triple win. The giver feels good for doing something good, the receiver feels good for being gifted something good and the kids in the third world are being helped. Win-Win-Win!

And geez, throw in a bottle of wine as well and we’re definitely all happy.


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