Damn Little Onion Cutting Ninja’s….


Okay, don’t go read this post at a public place, like at work or in a coffee shop or so, because people will be wondering why you are sniffing or even having tears rolling over your cheeks (like I am right now). Damn Little Onion Cutting Ninja’s….

Anyway, some more restoring faith in humanity (I guess I should make a category for that since it’s something I love to share with all of you!), click here to see it on Buzzfeed. Random lottery tickets left behind at a gas pump, lemonade for free ‘with a smile’, huge tips for a ticket to Italy and high fives coming up on the escalator. Sometimes it’s just being kind to one another what we need to feel that faith in humanity can be restored. It even can be very small things like a smile or holding an umbrella.

One more little thing about #33: this amazing girl is Talia Castellano. She had cancer for 6 years, and had such a positive outlook on life. When Ellen asked her how she coped with cancer, her answer was ‘A little fishy told me, just keep swimming’. She meant the fish Dory from Finding Nemo, the character Ellen lent her voice to. Talia had a make up tutorial vlog on YouTube and was on The Ellen Show where she was announced honorary face for CoverGirl Cosmetics. It was amazing to see how she stayed positive and upbeat, even though she fought this terrible disease for many years. She passed away last July at age 13, and she was an inspiration to everybody to live your life to the fullest and make the most of it.

So if you feel down and don’t know what to do anymore: Just Keep Swimming… because there is lots of good in the world.

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