Run or beer?

The other day, a friend of mine asked all her friends on Facebook if she should go for a run or have a beer. Funnily enough, pretty much everybody responded: ‘Run, then go for a beer.’ Yes, we are in our thirties. Had she asked this same question, say, 10 years ago, probably everybody would say: ‘Have a beer, and another one. Why go for a run?’

It’s great to see nowadays that so many people from our generation are caring about their health and fitness. Facebook seems to be the place to tell everybody that you are going to the gym or did a yoga session or are going for a walk or run. Some people find this annoying? Maybe these people are not as active as they would like to be? I see it that my friends are taking care of themselves.

My job as a tour guide keeps me active and fit in the Spring-Summer-Autumn. I had such a busy working-season this year, that I literally worked my ass off. I had to go look for a belt to keep my shorts up! And now, in the off-season, I want to keep my level of fitness up, and this booty too! 🙂 So I’m regulary going for a run, doing some yoga, pilates or Zumba, and feel good. I’m not going for a super skinny or super strong body, but as long as I’m feeling good in my own body, I know I’m doing something right.

Use it or lose it, is a well known saying, and that’s so true for your body (and your mind too). Stay active and you will keep up a healthy level of fitness. And everybody can do something active, as long as you have a goal in mind.

Even these Absolutely Fabulous ladies have a very clear goal in mind that makes them run even faster:

run for the wine

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