Comments anyone?

Lately I’ve been appalled by some comments on posts on health-inspiring website Mind Body Green. If a vegetarian admits that she needed to eat some meat to be healthy again because she tried everything else and nothing helped her, the comment section is too small. Seriously, she’s not telling the other vegetarians to go out and eat meat, she’s just telling that her body needed it. But no, all the vegetarians get on their high horses and tell her she’s pure evil, a disgust to the world etc. etc. Or somebody who suggests that eating sugar isn’t all that bad. Just in moderation. Enjoy that cupcake once in a while. Within a few hours the reactions go from bad to worse. I’m really wondering why those people even bother to react, why not move on to an article that you actually like? I feel like people just want to feel important, feel superior to others ‘because they know so much better’. Well guess what: you are not superior and you don’t know better. As long as you don’t respect another human being or a belief / an opinion that person has, you’re also not worth of any respect at all. I believe strongly in live and let live, do what makes you happy. I’m not telling vegetarians to go and eat meat, so don’t tell me not to enjoy my steak or piece of chicken. It seems to be that there is so much hate for somebody elses opinion. I find, that as long as that opinion is within the law, then you should just respect it. And as far as I know there is no law against enjoying a cupcake once in a while, thank goodness!

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