Love Actually


Apparently the movie Love Actually has it’s 10th anniversary soon. Really, has it been 10 years since we all dreamed away with all the intertwining love stories in that absolutely lovely movie? Has it been a decade since we giggled at Laura Linney jumping for joy after she kissed Rodrigo Santoro? And wished we were her, and would not have answered the damn phone every time? Has it been 10 years already since we wished we were Keira Knightley, having a surprise ‘All you need is love’ sung at you on your wedding day? Or having Andrew Lincoln declaring his love for you on those big pieces of paper, standing in the cold with the Christmas Carol songs on. Oh, and the biggest sigh, has it been 10 years already since the little kiddo runs through security, through the airport, just to get a kiss from the girl he’s in love with. That smile whe he comes back to his dad after he has gotten his kiss… Priceless. I can’t wait to watch that movie again, preferably on a cold, snowy winters day, with a bottle of wine, fire place on. In the meantime, read this blog about 15 ways Love Actually has influenced your love life

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